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Mule Deer, Antelope, Coyote - South Dakota Badlands - Lakota Adventures

Location: Kyle, South Dakota U.S. Western
Type of Hunt: Open Range Hunts

Hunt a part of history and feel the awesome power of nature every morning as the sun rises on the Badlands of South Dakota. 

The Oglala Sioux Tribe adopted its Constitution and  By-Laws by referendum vote on December 10, 1935, in accordance with Section 16 of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.  Since then the  Fish and Wildlife Code has provided a n orderly system for Tribal management of fish, wildlife and natural resources for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation through the control, regulation, and enforcement of hunting, trapping, fishing, and recreational activities .  It has undergone changes and updates and the most recent was in 2010 (Ordinance No. 10-11).

Since its original Charter in 1973, OSPRA has taken the lead role in protecting and preserving the natural and biological resources of the Tri

Join us as we completely set up your hunt package to include your License, Guide, and Lodging.  As well the Big E Staff will accompany you to ensure that your game is properly cared for and get you to a processor, a taxidermist or someone to properly care for the hide so you can transport it safely home.   All the details that can make a hunt go wrong are eliminated when the Big E Staff sets up your hunt for you at no cost to you.  This is a free service that is provided by BEO.  

Book Your Mule Deer, Antelope Coyote and Merriams Turkey Hunts with Lance Christensen - 605-454-3503

To book a Buffalo, Elk or Cougar - Contact the Parks Dept Directly and they will assign a guide.

Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation
PO Box 570
Kyle, SD 57752

Fax : 605 455 2265

Non Tribal Member Trophy Elk and Buffalo Auction

Posted 6/21/17 (Wed)

The Oglala Parks and Recreation Authority has announced that for the 2017 Season it will be holding a live auction for:

  • 1 Trophy Bull Elk
  • 1 Trophy Buffalo

Bidding will begin on 06/21/2018 and will close at midnight on 08/29/2017.  The minimum starting price is $4000 for each species.  Bidding will continue past midnight provided no addtional bids are received within 10 minutes after the closing time.


Antelope,Buffalo,Elk,Mule Deer,Pheasant,Prarie Dog,Turkey,Whitetail Deer

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