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Gators and Hogs - Florida - Get Bit Outdoors

Location: Orlando Florida U.S. Southeast
Type of Hunt: Open Range Hunts

Florida Gator Hunts

Our passion for gator hunting and our dedication to our clients is second to none. We have been able to keep a 10ft or better average each year with hundreds of gators being harvested over the past few years. 2009 ended with 10'1 average, 2010 brought a 10'3 average including a 12'3 MONSTER GATOR that took 3rd place in the Statewide Big Gator Shootout, 2011 included 33 gators over 10' including a 12'4 giant that won the Florida Sportsman 1st annual Gator Tournament, 2012 highlight was a 12'1 beast, 2013 had 10'1 average, 2014 included a 12'8 inch Giant for a Smith and Wesson Client, 2015 brought clients from all over the world and all went home with amazing trophies and stories to tell. 2016 WAS OUR BEST YEAR YET!

We have been guiding gator hunts for 15 years and each year is better than the last. 2017 was absolutely amazing! We had hunters celebrate graduations, birthday's, and other awesome occasions. 2017 included a 13ft giant alligator that was eating cows on a cattle ranch. Those cows are now safe thanks to Adam P. What a beast of an Alligator! 2018 is set to be even better! Give Capt. Kevin a call, he is happy to answer your questions and ensure your adventure is one you never forget. No matter the reason, it is Always Gator Season! We hunt 365 days a year and your success is always guaranteed!

Our Gator and Hog Hunts are Guaranteed Success and Available Year Round! You will get your gators/hogs and have a blast doing so! Once you reserve your tag we can set the date then or pick a date later when it works best for your schedule. Don't Wait to Reserve Your Tag, We sell out of tags earlier and earlier every year.

-No Trophy Frees! -2 Free Guests with paying Hunter
-We Provide Tags & Weapons at No Additional Cost! - Free Skinning if you Trade Meat or Hide - Year Round Hunting! - Guaranteed GATOR HUNTING!
*We Sell Out of Tags Ever Year! Call & Reserve your Tag Today, 407-542-7840.
**We can always set the exact hunt date later but once we sell out of tags they are gone!

Alligator,Wild Hog

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