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Location: Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa South Africa
Type of Hunt: Open Range Hunts


We invite you to experience unforgettable African hunting safaris in the company of professional hunters who have many years of experience in hunting in Africa. A Hunting safari in Southern Africa offers the hunter an unparalleled number of plains game and big game species which can be hunted in varied ecological areas.

From rolling savannah grasslands to thick Mopani forest, Southern Africa is the ultimate hunting destination. Clients are met on arrival at O.R. Tambo International (Johannesburg International) Airport and are returned there upon the completion of the safari. Hunting is at the clients pace and leisure, the duration of the safari as well as the number of trophies taken is at the discretion of the client. We suggest you bring the largest caliber rifle with which you are comfortable.

The team of dedicated professional hunters understand what is expected of them and they understand the importance of a quality hunt as well as a quality Trophy.

Our golden rule is “You will not hunt an animal that we as Professional Hunters are not prepared to put on our own walls”.

Wayne Muller
(Hunting Outfitter and Professional Hunter)
Contact Number: +27 79 278 2073
Email Address:

June 2018
African Lion,African Wild Cat,Baboon,Blesbuck,Blesbuck (white),Bontebuck,Buffalo,Bushbuck,Bushbuck Cape,Bushpig,Cape Buffalo,Duiker Blue,Duiker Common,Eland,Eland Cape,Elephant,Gemsbuck (Oryx),Giraffe,Hippo,Impala,Jackal,Klipspringer,Kudu Cape,Kudu Greater,Leopard,Lynx/Caracal,Nyala,Oribi,Red Hartebeest,Red Lechwe,Reedbuck Common,Reedbuck Mountain,Rhino,Scimitar Oryx,Springbuck Black,Springbuck Common,Springbuck White,Steenbuck,Vaal Rhebuck,Vervette Monkey,Warthog,Water Buffalo,Waterbuck,Wildebeest Black,Wildebeest Blue,X-otic African Game,Zebra Burchells,Zebra Hartmann's
Year Round

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