About Big E Outfitters

Big E Outdoors and Big E Outfitters is a family and Veteran owned company specializing in numerous outdoor experiences.  Big E Outfitters strives to provide the highest quality hunts to outdoorsmen and women around the globe, while maintaining fair and affordable pricing.  Guided hunts do come with a price, but we try to ensure that we find and offer the best experience for the best price anywhere.

Our Home Base Whitetail Ranch in Central Wisconsin offers some of the finest quality Whitetail Der hunting in the world.  We specialize in a ONE PRICE Trophy hunt that does NOT have any hidden cost, fear of upgrade or increased prices or stress of not knowing what you can harvest.  Our Guides and Staff are skilled in helping you find the biggest Buck they can while ensuring your success!

You will Hunt with one of our guides always and your success is our passion.  Each year we work to ensure that we have a skilled and professional guide staff standing by to assist you on your hunt.

If you choose to travel to the wilds of Africa, our guides will travel with you and accompany you as you hunt with our partner Outfitter in South Africa, BOSS SAFARIS.  BOSS SAFARIS also works to provide quality hunts at the BEST price in the industry. 

If your desires take you in other directions, Big E Outfitters and BOSS SAFARIS offer guided hunting experiences around the globe via many partnerships we have established.  Our Guides may accompany you on some of these hunts or we may introduce you to our extended family of professional guides on staff at these locations.  Whether your search for Alligators in the Florida Swamps, Black Bear in Canada or Montana, Yukon Moose or Brown Bear in Alaska, Red Stag in New Zealand, or Lions in Africa, we have locations to suit your needs.  Always the BEST prices ALWAYS personal touch! 

We also air our own television and Youtube shows in which you can follow along and see the hunts that await you.  The Staff on our shows is also your Guide staff and you can hunt with any of our personalities by booking a hunt with us today! 

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ABOUT Big E Outdoors Television

Big E Outdoors TV was established to educate hunters on standing united. We travel the word in search of QUALITY outfitters and verify the experience before we EVER bring it to you on TV. Once we partner with a quality destination we place their info on our HUNT PAGE and in our catalogs.

You can see what the places are like by watching our shows and getting a feel and taste for yourself. Big E Outdoors “Both Sides of the Fence” is a show that travels the world using guest hunters from everyday walks of life to explore Ranches and open range hunts. This show tells the story of WHY every method and every location has its importance in the preservation of our hunting future.

The Wide Open Show features our professional hunting staff, led by todays BEO Pro Hunters to bring you the not so common hunting available in the world. The intent of this show is to keep the adrenaline rolling. Snakes, Gators, Lions, Wolves… you name it we will hunt it. And then we follow the hunt through the after actions to show and educate on WHY the animal is hunted and what happens to it after. Whether it’s a giraffe or a whitetail… somebody is eating it… but how many know who or how much it is relied upon? Watch Big E Outdoors to learn more and see the hunt unfold all the way to the table…

Big E Outdoors TV is hosted by the President of BEO, Inc. Brandon Eger and is supported by the original Big E, his father Patrick. As the Iconic host of Big E Outdoors, Patrick still hunts with guest hunters and assists his son on the show. Be sure to follow along to see the action, follies and thrills of the Big E Outdoors Team!

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Set your tune in radio apps on your smart phones to WDTX Sportsfan 100.5 Wausau and listen each week as the BEO hosts talk outdoors and all the things related… and not related. This show is hosted By Brandon and Big E himself and is part of the Big E Outdoors Entertainment Company.

The show airs on Sunday Mornings from 7-10 am. But you can always find the latest episode right here on our YouTube link as well as all the past episodes as well. The show is not politically correct and does not always follow course, so follow the Big E Outdoor Radio show for some great entertainment.

With these changes to the ABOUT page, we do NOT need a separate TV or Radio page. This is enough plus the links to the YouTube channels.

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