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To Kill A Giraffe
Who Eats Giraffe?

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To Kill A Giraffe


So many times as hunters we face the completely uneducated attacks from Anti-Hunters who wage war on our heritage, the reasons for the hunt and the sport itself…  But when someone who supposedly is a hunter or comes from that background attacks a hunter simply because they do not understand, this is when we begin to lose as a group. 

Almost EVERY time I see hunters posting comments condemning another hunter for a method, species, type of hunt, etc.…  you can tell that they HAVE NEVER tried it, experienced it or taken the time to LEARN.  The SMART way would be to contact the hunter privately and simply say…  I guess I don’t know why you would hunt a giraffe, or a zebra… or whatever and ask the hunter to explain what they have learned. 

The uneducated way is to publicly make comments that show the lack of research or any basic knowledge of the facts, other than… they like to hear themselves blurt out stupidity. 

If you do not agree, a smart hunter will say… I don’t wish to do that or hunt that method, species, etc…  But I support you and the fact that you do, because in the end we are all hunters.  Funny thing is the Anti Hunters don’t care what other differences they have… they stand united on one thing… harassing us. 

So I will ONCE AGAIN explain the things that I and my Team have LEARNED FIRST HAND… and unless you want to get on a plane and travel to all these places with us and learn it yourself… you will have to hear it here.  But I will BE MORE THAN HAPPY… to escort any of you to these places so that you can see for yourself. 


First of all, let’s talk about creatures like Giraffe and Zebra…  YES people do eat them… and LOTS of them…  But before we get into this, there is a lot of info we need to explain and point out.  This is where 99% of the “Anti” population likes to plead “boring” or say “blah blah blah” or will proclaim that they don’t like to read long articles…  well that is the underlying problem, “It takes too much effort to LEARN and get an EDUCATION” so they would rather burst off with ridiculous remarks! So go ahead and show us your lack of sense. 


In the world 3 countries have PREVAILED in habitat Conservation, Animal Herds and the Protection of Species and actually reversing some from near extinction.  They are the U.S./Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.  The common denominator in all these instances is the HUNTER and the Billions of dollars poured into these countries’ conservation and Anti-Poaching.  These countries have money to fight poaching, set aside land for animals and more.  NONE of the Anti-Hunting groups contribute ANY money to these efforts… they simply pad their own pockets and do a lot of talk and no action.  ALL of the money contributed to these efforts comes from hunters, hunting organizations and land owners.   There is a DIRECT relationship to “No Hunting = No Animals”.  But again this takes someone willing to learn…

In South Africa, first and foremost, most of the animals that are there today are on Privately owned land.  The land is fenced even though it may be 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 acres or more in some cases, the land is fenced to keep the wild animals where they need to be, in the country and in the bush, off the highways and out of the city.   Like a good colleague of mine stated, the animals you see on Discovery and Animal Planet are in state owned parks mostly, and EVEN THERE they must issue tags to control the population.  Some are filmed on these private lands which are so vast that the natural habitat is no different than that outside the land.  The fences are relevant only to the fact that without them… there would be less animals PERIOD. And some would cease to exist.   The massive Anti-poaching units in these parks are paid for BY HUNTERS…  they are assisted BY HUNTERS…  and the efforts to dart, medicate and study sick animals are paid for BY HUNTERS. 


On Privately owned lands, the landowners protect the species and allow them to exist.  They farm them so to speak for feeding the country. While different than how WE in America look at livestock, these animals take the place of livestock in a food aspect.   The farmer owns the animals that exist on their land.  If it were NOT for the hunting farms, many of the species in Africa would already be extinct due to poaching, human encroachment on their habitat and uncontrolled environments.  In fact, many of the species in Africa have been brought back considerably ONLY because of hunters and Hunting establishments. 

However, the lands then need to be managed for food availability, water and other factors.  Each landowner is responsible to harvest what needs to be harvested in order to maintain a healthy herd and keep the animals from starving, thirsting or poaching.  The communities in South Africa have extremes related to their economic conditions.  Wild game is food, and there are different values depending on the game species. 

Many of the people in S.A. do not have internet, smart phones or any way to express their thoughts or gratitude… but The Big E Team often interviews these tribes and these people for feedback.  Most of them have no means to hunt themselves and rely heavily on the Hunter.  Their economic welfare defines their menu.  When you travel into these communities you will find people boiling the stomach linings and intestines of animals to dry and make soup and jerky.   FRESH meat of any kind is a treat and delicacy in many cases.  Rough meats from Zebra, Giraffe and animals that some of us do not normally see as food are highly sought after.  The game ranches MUST harvest a certain number of them annually to feed all the people that need the meat.  The difference is whether any income comes into the country by it or not.   


In the off season or summer time, many of the landowners, guides and even other people who work as professional hunters will harvest animals in “Cull “hunts or population control hunts.  So the meat will end up being harvested one way or another.  Orders come in for 10 Giraffe, 20 Zebra, 20 wildebeest etc.  this is just for food.  So the Cull hunters then contract to land owners to reduce herd numbers where they need to be.  Without hunting, the herds will grow to uncontrollable numbers.  Hang on hang on you anti’s… I will get to your claims of predators and natural selection shortly. 

The reason that the numbers do so well is 100% due to the efforts of these land owners and farmers and The Professional Hunting Industry.  Without them the animals would have no value and they would be eradicated due to the need to find other ways to make money on the land. 


So the meat orders get filled one way or another…  But this does not help the economy or give people money to buy it.  AHA – enter the TROPHY HUNTER…  When a foreign hunter travels to S.A. to hunt, the economy reaps the benefit of that hunter hiring the Professional Hunter (guide), the trackers and skinners, the cook staff, taxidermists, travel agencies and more.  The taxidermist hires people to work for him, the airlines get a little, the porter at the airport and even the people in the open market selling souvenirs.  The ripple effect of hunter’s dollar is felt all the way through the economy.   This is a multi-million dollar a year income for people who desperately need it. 


Many of the local people will ban together to help a hunter preserve their trophy, (which is the unused portions of the animal), in order to get some of the meat, get paid and help the meat get to the butcher on time.  Most of these people have no electricity or refrigeration so they can only use the meat for a short time, or they salt it and hang it to dry.  Oh.. it all gets used in ways that no American or English person would ever know because we do not feel the pain of hunger in our bellies.  They boil the Giraffes leg bones to get all the meat, marrow and create soup.  They use even the meat that many of us don’t think of using.  They boil the meat out of the hooves, and leave NOTHING behind.   And again I will point out… when people will eat “GUT SOUP”, they damn sure will eat the meat of a giraffe or a zebra.  Within a short time, every item from this animal is used, including the bones, the hide and thanks to the trophy hunter, the head as well. 

Now add in the money brought into the country and they can buy potatoes, veggies and sides to go with it.  Trophy hunters are selective in which animals out of a herd they harvest.  They must be the right age, right sex and the right animal.  A true trophy hunter might pass up a larger set of horns because that was a young breeding animal.  And this is exactly what the Professional hunters ensure.  The knowledge of which animal is the right animal to hunt. 

So each year thousands of Giraffe and Zebra are harvested as part of the food process in South Africa.  You may hear cries from some people who claim ”they live there and they do not know anyone that eats these animals”.  Well, these are then likely the people who have ample money and jobs, don’t leave the city and likely are some of the people who look down on the very people that SURVIVE on it.  They are wrong… dead wrong and any African person who wishes to travel with me to SEE first-hand… I will show you like I will show anyone else. 

When an animal is hunted by a Big E Team member it is NOT for sport only… it is for the purpose of everything you see above and the photos are shared to engage people who have the DESIRE and the INTELLIGENCE to learn the truth…  for the rest that still can complain there is no hope, for unlike many diseases and conditions in this world,… Ignorance is a choice.    

The Giraffe is NOT endangered and there are MANY of them in herds in Africa.  The Bulls DO in FACT run with the herd until they are cast out or pushed out.  They feed MANY people, as do Hippo, Zebra, Elephant, Wildebeest, Impala, and many other species. 

There are reasons to Hunt EVERY species in Africa from the Baboon and Monkey to the Lion.  Many of these species have uses that far exceed the average person’s imagination.  Some are hunted as predator or PEST control… just like a coyote, a rat or an infestation of squirrels in your attic.  It depends on the species, but the biggest problem is when a FELLOW HUNTER attacks another due to lack of knowledge and the idea that they are the only person that does it right…and if they don’t do it… nobody should. 


Lions are or were on the comeback due to the Hunter and Private landowners keeping them around due to their value.  The bones were used to replace bones from poached Tigers thus decreasing the stress on the tiger.  The meat is eaten by some and the rest is used to help feed other animals being introduced into the wild or being brought back via breeding programs. 

NOTHING goes to waste in Africa, including our DEAR BELOVED CECIL…  claims that this lion was left laying stripped of its skin and head are completely false.  Because the value of the bones from the lion almost outweigh the value of the hunt itself.  In fact, these bones are so valuable that since the conversion of many of the worlds religion to using LEGALLY hunted Lion Bones in place of illegally hunted Tiger bones…  Now, the African people seek out old burial sites to dig up the Lion bones to sell them.  As we stated the African Tribes will even eat ALL of the insides on an animal.  All that will be left is the actual contents of the stomach and intestine.  So NO African person will waste the meat or bones of an animal.  The exception are those that POACH for ivory or other reasons.  There is no market for poached taxidermy… so the animals are NOT poached for their trophies.

The trophy is merely a memory and a way the hunter preserves their hunt and honors the animal that has been harvested.

Recently The U.S. gave in to Anti Hunters, largely due to the lack of support by the Hunting community and banned the import of lions to the U.S.  The result?  Well if there is no value on the lion, then the land owner cannot see why they should keep this very expensive animal around.  It eats a LOT of food that could be hunted or sold.  It takes care and effort that is now worthless… so if I have lions on my land and now they are valueless…. Guess what?  Time to clean house.   They will not be allowed to breed and they will be discounted so that if someone wants the experience less the ability to take the mount home they can now participate in an eradication hunt.  The end result…  within 3 years the overall population of lions IN THE WORLD will be cut in half.  Good Job Anti-Hunters… this is a win for you??


So let’s visit the topic above that I mentioned…  letting the animals live and let nature take its course…  First of all, whether you choose to believe in God, Evolution or a Big Explosion, the introduction of Human’s to the earth is a factor we cannot deny.  Humans are an APEX predator, in fact, the ULTIMATE Apex predator.  As we breed and grow our cities grow.  This changes the habitat whether you want to admit it or not. 

Predators will gain in population as they have since the beginning of time and will eventually kill and eat all the wild game if not controlled.  The animals are here to be managed and consumed by us.  If we were not supposed to eat animals we would not have the teeth, the appetite and the ability to digest them.  Again, regardless of whom put us here.  Apex predators also hunt other predators as instinct… which defines us.  In early years, before laws and knowledge some animals were unfortunately hunted out.  Now that so much knowledge has been gained in these matters, populations are returning and some species are being removed from their current listings to upgrade them. 

In fact, the latest report JUST released on the TIGER… in the past 5 years the TIGER has done something it has NEVER done since it made critical listing.   IT HAS GROWN… that is right it is coming back!!!  And this report is not on the books by hunters.  This report was released on Yahoo News on April 9, 2016.  For the first time in history the Tiger is coming back…  Why?  Because thanks to CITES and the LEGAL Lion Hunting Industry, some pressure has been lifted from this animal. 

It is a fact that in many countries such as KENYA… where hunting was stopped, the animals have disappeared.  WHY?  Because there is first of all, no value in the animal.  So now if I own land I just grow crops, build a subdivision or raise some cattle.  Thus the wild animals are eating my crops, encroaching on my livestock or just plain in the way.  So I get rid of them… or worse I don’t even care about them so I turn my head while the poaching tribes kill ANY animal rather than allow the hunters to select harvest and supply them with the food that comes from the hunt.  Either way… those people are going get their food… until there is none left.  Predators are eliminated as they threaten our livestock and children and safety.  And eventually the damage is irreparable…  all credit due to the ANTI HUNTING terrorists and organizations who are assisted by ignorant hunters jumping on their band wagon. 

These Anti-Hunting groups are responsible for ZERO saved animals.  Their efforts result every time in failure.  In Africa now, there are Rhino being brought back and even enough to selectively hunt before they starve to death.  This is true with Elephant, Sable, Lions, and every other species.  Remove their value and they disappear.  And all the while the Anti Hunters talk and cry a lot… but never do they step forward with money to support the game refuge, fight poaching or help with habitat? NO!  This is all done by the hunters. 

There is no happy ending for an old lion that “Nature” takes care of.  They get cast out, to which they eventually get weak, cannot hunt without their pride and they starve to death.  No dignity, no happy nursing home and not going to lay under a tree and drift off to sleep.  It is horrific cruel and an end that no animal wants.  Being hunted and used for its purpose is going out with dignity.  It is swift and much less painful. 


Now let’s address the Hunters who ridiculously attack other hunters.  First of all, you must enjoy being looked at as ignorant.  Because hunters who read your posts and have ACTUALLY been there and know better think, “what an idiot”.   And the Anti Hunters laugh hysterically at you because they actually got you to join them and help attack another hunter.  They really think you are a winner! 

Instead of learning and supporting every hunter, even those who choose a method you may not wish to try or participate in… you attack what you do not know.  So you would rather support the same group that opposes hunting (killing animals for food), but supports abortion (killing HUMAN Children because we had a bad night).  They support sleeping with the same sex, rioting, wanting welfare and free stuff with no place to pay for it and the complete eradication of animals due to the lack of funds to protect and care for them (Coming from the hunter).  These are your new friends and colleagues. 

So the Giraffe you see in this photo was not hunted for “FUN” only.  Although it was fun to hunt.  It was used for the meat and also now for education.  It will be featured on our television show where The Big E Team will always continue to educate hunters and non-hunters on the uses of the animals, why they are hunted and what is done with the animal after the hunt.   We won’t lie to ya, we will show you what happens. 

Sometimes the meat is NOT always taken to villages and dispersed.  But one way or another it is put into the food system in the country, possibly by being taken to the butchery of the local city.  Those that work around the ranches take home meat bones and other products to eat and use until there is nothing left… EVERYTIME.   Some Hunt operations DO in fact distribute direct to the local people in an agreement to avoid poaching by these people.  And YES, even a giraffe is an important food source and there are MANY giraffes in the country.  FAR more than the liberal media tries to claim.  And the reason they are alive and prospering… is BECAUSE OF HUNTERS and HUNTING.  

Hopefully some of you reading this will learn something and most importantly if you have questions you will learn to ask before you attack.  Just because you do not know, or have heard some sort of banter does not replace FIRST HAND experience.   If you want first-hand experience…  we will be glad to allow you to travel with us to see for yourself.